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11 miesiąc 9 godzin temu - 11 miesiąc 8 godzin temu #30940 przez Caroline Brymora
I am trying to help someone find out about her father's history.
She has give me permission to share the photo of her father approximately 20 years old (he was born 1919).
We are trying to find out what the badge on his collar means. My husband has searched books and internet but cannot find an answer.
Does anyone here know what the badge might tell us about his regiment?

She says he said he was in Polish armed forces, Enrolled in Plock. He was captured, apparently escaped and then recaptured, sent to Germany and released by Americans in 1945. He then worked for US Army in Germany and then married, and unable to stay in Germany became a displaced person and went to the US.

Thank you!

Thank you

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11 miesiąc 48 minut temu - 11 miesiąc 46 minut temu #30953 przez Szymon Gruca
According to my research this is an unofficial badge of Artillery Cadets School 1930-1939. There's more about it (in polish):

Szymon Gruca |

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10 miesiąc 4 tygodni temu #30960 przez Caroline Brymora
Szymon you are a treasure.

The lady I asked for says a big THANK YOU!!

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