Looking for contact with persons of the name Nicia

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My great-grandfather Teofil Nicia was born in Węglowice in 1866. He married Antonina Weber in 1889.
The church records of Truskolasy and surrounding parishes stop at 1918.
I would like to know the place and date of his death.
I was told on this forum that people with the name Nicia still live in the following villages:
Klepaczka, Bór Zapilski, Długi Kąt, Wręczyca Wielka, Borowe, Węglowice, Czarna Wieś, Puszczew, Bieżeń

Can somebody recommend a way to come in contact with one or more
persons with the name Nicia from that area.
So that by correspondence, I can learn more about Teofil Nicia.

Regards, Ton Nicia

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Teofil Nicia był dwa razy żonaty, drugie małżeństwo miało miejsce w Puszczewie akt małżeństwa nr 70 dnia 03.02.1902 z Anną Maj. Teofil Nicia zmarł 12.12.1949 r. w Węglowicach a pochowany jest na cmentarzu w Czarnej Wsi.

Teofil miał pięcioro dzieci w tym Antoniego i wydaje mi się, że jest to Pana dziadek. Żeby skontaktować Pana z najbliższą rodziną musiał bym znać Pana powiązania rodzinne żeby nie było jakiś błędów.

Dodam, że matka Teofila była ciotką prababki mojej żony Pall Marianny.



Teofil Nicia was married twice, the second marriage took place in Puszczewo, marriage certificate no. 70 on February 3, 1902 with Anna Maj. Teofil Nicia died on December 12, 1949 in Węglowice and is buried in the cemetery in Czarna Wieś.

Teofil had five children, including Antoni, and I think he is your grandfather. In order to contact you with your closest family, I would have to know your family connections so that there would be no mistakes.

I will add that Teofil's mother was the aunt of my wife's great-grandmother, Pall Marianna.


Pozdrawiam JKR.
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Replied by Antonius Nicia on topic Looking for contact with persons of the name Nicia
Thank you for this information. I'm very happy with it.
Indeed, Antoni Nicia is my grandfather.
I will give a brief sketch of our family below.
Antoni (1898) moved from Weglowice to Sucha Góra (a village that is now part of Bytom)
in 1921 to work in the Blachówka quarry. He met his wife Klara (1901) Savionsek there.
Her family had a guest house there where he stayed. Later Antoni worked in the
Kopalnia Bytom until his retirement.
Antoni and Klara had seven children: Józef (1925), Trudka (1926), Alfred (1928), Paulek (1930),
Rozia (1941), Marika (1942) and Jan (1949). Alfred died within one year, Jan did live only 10 days.
Antoni deceased in 1974, Klara in 1973. Of the children, only Marika is still alive.

Józef Nicia (1925) is my father. He was a furniture maker. In 1943 he was forced to join the
Wehrmacht and was sent to the Western Front. During the Battle of Caen in Normandy
he was taken prisoner of war by the English army in August 1944. After being interrogated
by British intelligence officers, he voluntarily joined General Maczek's First Polish Armored Division.
In December 1944 he arrived in Breda (southern Netherlands).
Because General Montgomery's Operation Market Garden failed, the Polish soldiers stayed in Breda
for 4 months until April 1945. During this period Józef met my mother Jeanne van Praat.
In December 1946 Józef was demobilized and settled in Breda.
Józef and Jeanne married in 1949 and I was born in 1950.
Our first family visit to Poland was in 1958.
I currently live in Utrecht in the center of the Netherlands.

Thanks to TGCZ I have learned a lot of my family history!
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