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I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion on finding a birth/death/marriage record in West Prussia.

I've been trying to find Fransesca Lange (born abt 1850) for 15 years. She appears to have been born in West Prussia possibly Bielawy. I've searched Familysearch in the West Prussian records. I haven't had any luck finding her birth(abt 1850)/marriage (bet 1870-1875) or death record (abt 1886).

I have attached her son Jan's death certificate found on Genetka. I have attached her daughter's marriage record found on Genetka and lastly, she was mentioned in her husband Franciszek Orkwiszewski's second marriage record.

Today I found that her children were born in the Rumian, Lobau area which I have found. Her husband, Franciszek's surname appears to be Orciszewski instead of Orkwiszewski.

Here children were Jan (Joannes) born Rumian passed in Lipoweic, Anna (born/died in Rumian), Ignacy (born in Rumian), Joseph ( born in Rumian). Here is Joannes record and I have it requested from Family search but I don't think it will provide Francesca's parent's name/date of birth or marriage to Franciszek Orkwiszewski.

Within Rumian and Rozental I haven't been able to find any traces of her. I do see a Lange family but am not sure that is them without knowing/verifying the parents' names.

How can I determine what other parishes they might have gone to? Is there a list somewhere that might guide me or might have her birth/marriage/death records? Was it normal to move around to many different parishes?

Any guidance on where to look next would be greatly appreciated!

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8 miesiąc 2 tygodni temu #43218 przez Rafał Molencki
Replied by Rafał Molencki on topic Lange Surname
Hi, there! First I have to say we're not really the right place where you should address your request, as here we mostly deal with genealogical problems of the Częstochowa region, which is several hundred kilometers away from the area you're interested in. I think you might find more useful info from genealogical groups of northern Mazowsze, warmińsko-mazurskie and the like.

Yes, your problem appears to be a tough one. I can give you some tips, but I'm not sure how helpful they will turn out to be. First of all, this is the area where both Catholics and Lutherans live(d) and there might have been quite a few mixed couples at the time. So you should also look up Lutheran vital records.
You mention Bielawy as a possible birthplace of Franciszka Lange. On what grounds? If so, this is a common place name in Poland, more than a dozen villages - in the Mława district bordering West Prussia there are two: Bielawy in the parish of Grzebsk and Bielawy Złotowskie in the parish of Szreńsk. I found this in the 19th century "Słownik geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego":

I looked up Genbaza ( - you have to register there for free, once you've done it go to AP Mława) - the former one has only year 1914 from Grzebsk, but Szreńsk is available online 1826-1912. I looked up only 1850, but no Lange name there (by the way, the surname is German rather than Polish, so her ancestors may have come from somewhere else, but this could have been from a generation to a couple of centuries before .

Here is Słownik geograficzny on Rumian, quite extensive information:

And much more on Löbau (Polish: Lubawa) which you also mention:

Good luck!

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Prosba o tłumaczenie aktu zgonu Łucji Rychlik - numer aktu 81 - pierwszy od góry 


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3 tygodni 3 dni temu #43962 przez Barbara Szwarcer
81 Cynków
Koziegłowy 15/27.07.1898 godz. 10
Stawił się Franciszek Szymanik 34 lata
I Maciej Sitek 59 lat, rolnicy z Cynkowa
Oświadczyli, że w tejże wsi w domu numer 48, dnia 12/24.07 bieżącego roku
o godz. 4 zmarła ŁUCJA RYCHLIK, rolniczka, 78 lat, córka Aleksego Sitek
I Zofii z domu Dyzia, wdowa po Bartłomieju RYCHLIK.

B. Szwarcer

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