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1 tydzień 8 godzin temu #34122 przez Caroline Brymora
I would like some help with Russian for Jan Maslon please.

I do not need full translations, just want to make sure that these records are all the same person. Jan Maslon - father Franciszek, mother Franciszka Morawiec.

Birth of Jan Maslon 43/1849 (Polish record)

First marriage (Russian)
Akt 26, 1873 Jan Maslon and Marianna Pakula:

Marianna Pakula death

Please help with her father's name, I cannot read it. I can see mother Marianna Brymora.

Second marriage
Jan Maslon and Antonina Podsiadlik slub 1886 Akt 10

Death 95/1893 (not sure? Also has name Brymora in the record. This might be a child of Michal Maslon?)

Thank you!

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1 tydzień 1 godzinę temu #34135 przez Rafał Molencki
you're right: the first four acts are concerned with Jan Masłoń, son of Franciszek and Franciszka Morawiec. His first wife was Marianna Pakuła, daughter of Ignacy and Marianna Brymora. The other wife's name was Antonina Podsiadlik, aged 18, daughter of late Jan Podsiadlik and (still living) Marianna Kasprzyk..
But the last act of 1893 records the death of a different Jan Masłoń, aged 50, son of Mikołaj and Rozalia Duda, whose widow was Julianna Brymora.
It might be interesting to see how Julianna and Marianna were related.

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6 dni 11 godzin temu #34139 przez Caroline Brymora
Thank you so much! I have more work to do :)

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5 dni 7 godzin temu - 5 dni 7 godzin temu #34144 przez Dorota Godfrey-Smith
Hi, Caroline & Rafał,
These folks are in my tree as well.
Maryanna (Marianna) Brymora and Julianna Brymora must be related in times earlier than those covered by the mid-18th century records, because they don't have common ancestors as far back as I can reach.

Maryanna b.1834, f Stanisław b. 1795, gf Franciszek b. 1757, ggf Antoni b. 1735.

Julianna b.1849, f Józef b.1827 (Act #20), gf Mateusz Brymora v Biczak b.1798, ggf Piotr Biczak b. 1772 (Act #24) who married in 1796 Ewa Brymora b. 1767, gggf Jan Biczak.

Ewa Brymora's ancestors are: f. Jan Bromera d.1808, gf. Szymon Bremora.

This is one of the rare exceptions to the general rule of a woman taking on her husband's surname.

This wrinkle has made modern interpretations a bit messy, and Geni World Tree has incorporated an important mistake, showing Piotr Biczak as Piotr Brymora son of Antoni and brother of Franciszek.

Have fun checking it all out!


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5 dni 4 godzin temu #34146 przez Rafał Molencki
The only Brymora I have in my tree is my fifth great grandmother Małgorzata from Choroń, who married just widowed Walenty Koluch (Koluszczyk) in 1746. She may have been a daughter or more probably granddaughter of Błażej Brymora from Choroń, who died in 1736.

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